Our World is Beautiful

Our World Is Beautiful

As snow starts to fall, on the forest floor,

I kiss autumn goodbye, just as before,

My roots feel the cold; through the soil it seeps

Friends find their dens, as frost heralds our sleep

My leaves have left me, my branches are bare,

Twigs snap underfoot, breath hangs in the air

Glistening crystals, deep browns, evergreens

Once teeming with life, that now can’t be seen

But as night follows day, and day follows dawn

We awaken again, revived, reborn.

The snow slips away, my branches unveiled

New life is breathed in; the forest exhales.

A badger, a fox, a rabbit, a wren

The song of the skylark, trilling again

Green buds pushing through, my old bark gives way

A carpet of bluebells, where snow once lay

Days start to get longer; sun floods our home

Lush ferns envelop us; cubs start to roam

Scent of wildflowers and bees fill the air

The summer haze, often too hot to bear

Velvety moss next to cool flowing springs

As newts dart and swim, a kingfisher sings

Light filters through my canopy of leaves

As I exhale, the earth silently breathes

Then one day a leaf will start to turn red

Or orange, or brown, and fall to its bed

Badgers with nuts and squirrels with acorns

Bushes filled with berries, brambles and thorns

Iridescent sunsets light up our skies

The perfect backdrop for trees such as I

Against the horizon, beacons we stand

Silhouetted guards of a sleeping land

I’m centuries old, so trust me, I know

Our world is beautiful - don’t let it go

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