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The Mouse - Inspired by Roald Dahl's 'The Pig'

There once was a mouse

In a very large house

He’d often been seen

But blessed had he been

For days he just hid

So no one could rid

That unfortunate house

Of the troublesome mouse!

Despite all their tries

The mouse was too wise

He’d steal food and drink

And poo in the sink

Then scratch with his claws

Till he’d ruined the floors

How on earth could it be

That something so wee

Could laugh in their face

And take over the place!

They bought traps and a cat

And thought that was that

But he dodged them too

What more could they do?!

For days after days

They’d run out of ways

Forced out on the street

And facing defeat

They were going berserk

For nothing would work

No more could they take

So much was at stake

It went beyond cheese

They fell to their knees!

Screaming and shouting

But nothing would out him

They cried out ‘No More!’

And charged at the door

While inside the house

Stood bemused Mr Mouse

‘There’s no need to shout

I’m on my way out!’

This piece was inspire by Roald Dahl's 'The Pig'

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